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Hi there!

Thanks for popping by the site! My name is Matt and I am the guy in the pictures and writing these words. 🙂

When I’m not posting up on here I’m usually outdoors hitting the trails or finding a new line to ski down.

Originally schooled as a Civil Engineer, I now spend my time blogging about gut health (restoretheflora.com) and am co-host to The Guardians Podcast. It is my belief that a healthy gut will transform the populations health and give people the ability to achieve their goals in life. Back in 2013 I was battling my own inflicting gut troubles. This lead me to massive amounts of research about our guts and the microbes that live in it.

Along with eating healthy to have a strong gut microbe community, living sustainably is a high priority in my life. Being a bit of a minimalist (living out of my backpack as we speak) I am currently learning about gardening and permaculture through my travels.

On the site you will hear stories of my travels, thoughts on the world, consciousness, and the universe. No topic is too obscure for me to take interest in. I mean we are on a floating rock in the middle of nothingness!